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School council 2022-2023

Our new School Council for 2022-23 has been elected. The children wrote their manifestos and presented their ideas to be a good councillor.  The children then had a democratic vote  to elect the new School Council. They are very excited about projects for this year.

The votes are in!

Ripple Award

Ripple Award

We did it!!

Our amazing school council with the support of the whole school have achieved the Ripple Award for our coastal champions challenge. School council have worked extremely hard this year and this award is a credit to their commitment and determination to be the very best. Well done and a huge thank you from Mrs Davies.

Competition entries

School council competition

Tuesday 17th May 2022

Today the School Council met to take photos to send as evidence for our Ripple Award.

We have one more activity to complete and we will need the rest of the school to help us.

We are going to have a competition to make something for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee out of recycling and the School council are going to judge the entries.


Good luck everyone

Thursday 5th May 2022

Today Tilda from the Coastal Challenge came in to share with us a bit more information about the project we have been working on. We were able to show her all the work that we have already done towards our award. We really hope that we will be Coastal Champions by the end of the year!

Coastal Challenge collective worship

School council meeting with Mrs Airey

We met Mrs Airey today to talk to her about food waste.

We wanted to find out what happened to all the food that was left on our plates at lunchtime and what we could do to help stop food and fats going down the plug hole.

Mrs Airey said that if everyone scraped their plates really well at lunchtime this would really help reduce the amount of food left on the plates.

School council thought that a poster to remind the children in the dinner hall next to the food waste bin would be helpful and agreed to make some posters to go up on the wall. They even said they would do it in their goldentime!

Well done school council true dedication.

Big battery hunt assembly

School council collective worship 7.4.2022


Today in assembly the school council were able to update the school on our coastal champion challenge and were able to talk confidently about the work they had already done.

The then led a whole school assembly on the importance of recycling batteries and what we should try to do with batteries once they run out of charge. Every child in the school was given a Big battery hunt box to take home to start to fill it with batteries to save them going to our landfills.

School council April 2022

We met today to look at the progress we have made to our coastal champion award.

We have a meeting with Mrs Airy to look at food waste for our next target,


We are also going to take part in the big battery hunt and will give everyone a battery box to start collecting batteries at home.

Reusable bottle poster

School council collective worship

Our school council led collective worship today to update the school on our Somerset coastal challenge. They were able to talk confidently about the work that they had already done.

They have installed a water butt

They have assessed and checked all the taps in the school to check for leaks

They have produced in their own time posters to promote the use of reuseable water bottles.

Look out for the posters on the school gate


School council meeting

We met to agree our focus this year.

The school council agreed that we should take part in the Somerset Coastal challenge

First job to get a water butt installed.

Mrs Davies said Mrs Youngs  had been in touch with a charity that would provide a water butt for our school.


Watch this space for the water butt being installed.

School council 2021-2022

Our school council has been elected.


Year 1 Josh and Rosalie

Year 2 Benedict and Ronnie

Year 3 James and Evie

Year 4 Harrison and Phoebe

Our new School Councillors. They will do a fabulous job this year!

Our new school council has been elected.

Year 1 Evie Smith and James Bridgeman

Year 2 Toby Corfield and Ava Steele

Year 3 Lexi Jarvis and Ethan Knight

Year 4 Ben Robertson and Maysie Farrant


We look forward to working together and making our school even better. Our first meeting will be  on Thursday 17th October 2019

Candidate Campaigning!

School council assembly 14th February 2019

Today the school council helped Mrs Davies to show the rest of the school what we did on our school council exchange.

We were able to share all our photos and explain how everyone in the school can do their bit to help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfill sites.

School council exchange

Friday 25th January 2019

Today we met at Mark First school.

We recapped on what our school council's had been able to achieve last year. We had made posters to remind people about road safety and had written letters to our MP.

This year we wanted to think about our school community and how we could help the environment. We took part in three workshops making posters, creating some art by weaving plastic and started making our own Ecobriks. We are now going to lead a collective worship to tell the rest of the school about our exchange and how we are going to continue our focus on the environment back in school.

We hope to have another exchange in the Summer term.

23rd November 2018


We met today to discuss playground games. We wanted to be able to share our playground with everyone and not to have one type of game dominate the space. We talked about how we could still play popular games like football by staying safe when kicking the ball. We discussed the option of having football monitors or timers to ensure everyone was able to enjoy their break-time. It was agreed that the situation would be reviewed after the Christmas holidays at our next meeting.

Friday 28th September 2018

We held our first school council meeting of the year. Everyone was keen to discuss their ideas for the year.

Our first project we are going to work on is Road Safety and how we can make the roads surrounding our school safer for the whole community.

We discussed the difficulties with changing pavements and roads but looked at ways we could help to develop a safer environment especially as we enter the winter months.

The school council decided that they will come up with some poster ideas before our next meeting and we will look to put these together to create a poster for our school.

We can't wait to see them.


September 2018

Our new school council has now been elected.

Year 1




Year 2





Oscar C





Harry P

Minutes from school council exchange

School council exchange

School council exchange meeting


School council collective worship


The school council helped Mrs Davies deliver collective worship today on our theme of Empathy.

We used the character from Go-Givers, Mitali, to help give suggestions of what he might have been feeling and how we might be able to help him.

School council used their foot prints that they made from yesterdays meeting to explain ‘Don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.’ 

A fantastic team effort. Thank you school council.

School council meeting 

25/4/18 12.30

School council met today to discuss our school theme of Empathy. We discussed  what this statement might mean.

‘Don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.’ 


 The children were able to give examples of situations that they have found themselves in and how they have or might deal with them. All the school council children are going to help with our school collective worship tomorrow.

School council meeting 

2/2/2018 12.30pm


The full council met today as Mrs Robertson had received some news. After writing to Mr James Heappey to let him know about the roads around our school, the school council had received a personal letter from him. Mr Heappey said that he was keen to be of any assistance he could be. Mr Heappey also indicated that he would be very interested in coming to our school to meet and speak to the school councilors. 

We also spoke about how this linked to our current theme of making a difference. By all of us doing something small we can make a difference.

The school council will be meeting very soon to draft a reply and to invite Mr Heappey to visit our school and show him the roads surrounding it.

School councilors to help lead Collective Worship with Mrs Davies on Wednesday 7th February to tell the rest of the school the exciting news.

School Council meeting

1/12/17 12.15pm

Everyone present

We discussed keeping ourselves safe outside of school

The children’s comments

When we go swimming a car might not stop or they might be on their phone.

The children suggested the need for signs. The need for a sign to let drivers know that there is a school

It was commented that last Thursday it was busy when they came back from swimming and all the adults were coming to school.

Mornings are really busy as mums drive right up instead of using the cemetery.

It was suggested that there was a need for a sign warning drivers of the school and a suggested speed limit of 5-10mph.

The children also commented about the need for lights as it is dark when they leave clubs or wrap around care.

We also discussed playground activities

Action points

Children to come back to Mrs Davies with new activities that they would like to purchase to play at break times

Ruby and Toby agreed to help with any letter writing required.

On Friday 10th November our school council met to begin to think about our aims for the year. We talked about some of the things that the children would like to look to purchase for play-times such as new skipping ropes and hoop balls.

Linked to our school theme of 'Team work' we also spoke about what we could do for others. A company has very kindly given us some new pieces to replace missing parts of some our games. The children thought it would be a good idea to donate something to the companies chosen charity to show their appreciation.

We also spoke about our Children in Need event that is coming up. The children spoke about where they thought the money that they raise might go and how it might be able to help children that were sick.

We have all taken part in electing our School council. We listened to each of the manifestos and decided who we would like to represent us. We talked about our British Value of Democracy. We voted for 2 people from each year to represent us for this year. The results will be announced on Friday in Celebration assembly and the school council representatives will be presented with their school council badges.
Two children from each year group will represent their year group on the School Council.

Year 1 is Ammon and Jessica

Year 2 is Seren and Monty

Year 3 is Harry and Grace

Year 4 is Toby and Ruby

We will be holding our first meeting of the year so get your suggestions in to your School Council representative so that they can consider your ideas. We look forward to seeing what new things we can do this year to make our school even better.

Last year we were able to buy new balls to enhance our playtimes, designed and bought the buddy bench and chose how we wanted to spend our Sainsbury's active vouchers to buy more sports equipment.

Our manifesto's and voting

The votes are in!

School council 2016-2017


Tilly Year 4

Ryan Year 4

Izzy M Year 3

Taylor Year 3

Ethan Year 2

Tilly G Year 2

Seren Year 1

George Year 1


The school council was elected in September 2016. Following the children’s manifestos each year group voted for who they want to represent their year group.

Mrs Robertson informed school council they would have a budget of £100 to spend for this year.

After the elections had taken place the school was formed. The whole school was involved in putting forward their ideas to the school council about what they would like to see in our school.


Minutes from meetings