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Class 1 - Ladybirds

Spring Overview - Sowing and Growing and the Great Outdoors

Autumn Curriculum Overviews  - Once upon a time

September 2021


Welcome back everyone! We hope that you all had a lovely summer. Hopefully we will be able to have a full academic year with you this year. We have so many lovely things planned. We will put lots of things on here for you to have a look at  but we will also share what the children have been doing on our school Facebook page. 


If at any point, you have any questions or concerns, then please pop and see either Mrs Tweedie or Mrs Youngs.

Summer Curriculum overviews - Digging it

Interfaith week 23rd November 2020

The children have been learning about Interfaith week. Each class was given a different story to listen to. Dragonflies learnt about the Islam story 'the crying camel', bumble bees learnt about the Hindu story 'Rama and Sita' and we learnt about the Christian story 'the lost sheep'.


We then made and drew some sheep. We made cotton wool sheep, painted sheep using pom poms and then we drew pictures on the computer. We talked about how everyone is special and important even if there are lots of other people around us. 

Spotty for Pudsey - Friday 13th November 2020

All the children were invited to wear something spotty for Pudsey for Children in Need. We were really pleased that so many children found spotty things to wear and we were able to raise over £100 for Pudsey. The children in Ladybird class had lots of Pudsey activities to do as well as their normal learning activities. They made Pudsey hats with ears, painted pictures of Pudsey and they loved colouring pictures of Pudsey. We also looked at why we celebrate Children in Need day and the children had some lovely thoughtful and caring ideas.

We will remember them! 11th November 2020


Ladybird class have been learning all about Poppy day and why we wear poppies. We looked at poppies and made and painted our own. We remembered the soldiers that had died in the war and we did a two minute silence. All the adults in Ladybird class were really proud of the children as they were 'respectful rabbits' and they sat beautifully throughout the silence. Every child was given one of our learning behaviour stickers for being a 'respectful rabbit'. Well done Ladybird class. It is such an important event to remember.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

The children in Ladybird class had great fun finding out about why we celebrate bonfire night. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We may not have been able to go out to lots of fireworks parties this year, but we had great fun creating lots of our own pictures of fireworks.

Superheroes curriculum overview Autumn Term 2020 Year 1

Superheroes curriculum overview Autumn Term 2020 Reception

Dear Parents/Carers,


As we approach the end of this term, I hope you and your families are all keeping well. Reverend Kevin Wright has created another Collective Worship to share with the children. This is based on the Christian value respect and uses the story of Jesus clearing the Temple. The link is:


Thank you to all the children who have written some beautiful prayers- please continue to send them into school, as they are greatly received and will be added to our prayer book.


I hope the children enjoy the Collective Worship.


Kind regards,

F. Robertson


Executive Headteacher

Hi Ladybirds


This week our learning focus is reading. You will find attached lots of activities and games to encourage reading.

The children have been learning their tricky words. Here are some games and activities to help them.


Tricky words reading activity 


Tricky words inside games


Tricky words outside games 


Yes/ no game we have also attached a list of yes/no questions.


A range of reading and phonic games


Online stories Great to listen to together. You can then ask them questions about the story to check that they have understood what they have heard. You could ask:

Who were the main characters in the story?

Ask about the characters. How were they feeling? Why?

What was your favourite part of the story?

What do you think is going to happen next? Why?

Listen to Mrs Youngs reading Owl Babies on our class Dojo and then enjoy some of the activities linked to the story.


Here is a link to the Oak National Academy website for the English and Maths learning this week.

Year 1 Year 1




The website provides daily lessons for English and Maths which hopefully the children will enjoy something different this week.


As always any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Youngs and the Ladybird team



Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you and your families are all keeping well.


Please find a Collective Worship kindly produced by Reverend Kevin Wright and his wife Chris. I hope the children enjoy thinking about the Christian value Trust and also the Bible story of The Sower.


If the children would like to write a reflective prayer following this, it would be most welcome and please can you forward a copy to school where we can collate them in our special prayer books.


Best wishes to you all,


F. Robertson

Hi lovely Ladybirds and their families


We hope that you have all had amazing half terms and enjoyed the glorious sunshine yet again. We are still desperately missing you all but love all the things that we have seen on dojo. If you haven't posted anything recently, then just pop a photo on to let us know that you are ok we do really miss you!!! In fact, we miss you all so much that we have arranged a zoom meeting for us to see each other online and find out what you have been doing. It will be chance for you to talk about or show one thing that you have been doing in during the lockdown. Our zoom meeting will be on Monday at 11.30am. We will email the link to you. We are looking forward to seeing you all.


As you all know, times are still a little uncertain and we aren't all able to be back together at the moment. We just wanted to let you know that we all respect and understand the decisions that you have made about whether you have or haven't sent your child back to school. We would also like to reassure you that we are still here ready to support you all. It may take as a little while longer to return your emails as we are spending more time at school with groups of children, but please know that we will respond as soon as we can.


We have attached some things that you may like to do at home. We have made a Hungry Caterpillar activity grid which has lots of things that you can do linked to the story. You could start off by watching the video on youtube. The other activities have a bit of a maths theme with a great range of ideas and activities that you could also do. Don't forget to take photos and put them on dojo or email them to the teacher emails as we would love to see you.


We have also attached an East Brent June challenge for you to try while at home. Get someone to take a picture of you doing the challenge or of what you have made and send it through on class dojo or to the teacher email.


Active Learn: Please remember to log into Active Learn. There are books with quizzes, maths games and spelling games. 




Take care everyone and we can't wait until we can see you altogether.


Love from the Ladybird Team



21st May 2020

Hi lovely Ladybirds.

We hope that you are well and are still enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We have loved looking at all the latest things that you have sent us. We've found these activities and clips that you might like to have a look at.

Bitesize  - perhaps you could draw or paint us a picture and send it in.

iplayer has numberblocks - a great way to do some maths

iplayer also has alphablocks - you can recap some of your sounds?

Have a look on dojo as Mrs Tweedie will be adding our phase 3 phonemes. How many can you remember?

Shake up games - play a game with your favourite disney character.


Don't forget to have a look at your active learn There are lots of reading books and other activities. Well done to those of you that have finished some of your games. It looks like you have been enjoying them so we have added a few more for you. Log on and see which one you want to play next.


We hope that you and your families are all well and we miss you!


love from Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Youngs

Summer term 2020

Hello everyone.

We hope that you are staying safe and well. All of the Ladybird team are missing the children and we are looking forward to seeing you all as soon as it is safe enough to open again.

Thank you to everyone who has been putting photos and comments on to our class dojo. It is great to see what you have been doing. We have sent you emails about logins and passwords but we thought that it would be a good idea to put all the links into one place on here. (Please see the letter to Parents and Carers, Ladybird Class ideas, useful websites, early learning packs and Year One learning packs.) 

Don't forget we are always here if you need help in anyway. If you have any questions or need your logins, then please feel free to email us at 

We love seeing all the great things that you have been doing and all of your lovely smiling faces. Please keep the comments and photos coming, it really does make our day. Take care, stay home and stay safe.

We miss you all

Love from all the Ladybird Team


Hi everyone. Thank you for your understanding during the last couple of days. It has been a very unsettling time for everyone. We have put together some ideas and activities that the children can do at home. We will certainly miss seeing all their smiling faces every day. Please take care of each other and keep well.

Ladybird Class home learning

STEM week

We've had an amazing time in Ladybirds. We have done so many different activities. We have made rockets, UVA bands, used beebots, made slime, made parachutes, had children from Kings of Wessex join us, made paper chains, marble mazes and so much more! We have been scientists, engineers, technicians and mathematicians! 


This week we had a winter week. We had a winter tuff spot, we made pictures of snowmen, dressed up as the frozen sisters and we drew some pictures on the computer.


"I liked the Frozen sisters because I like dressing up" Evie

"I liked the winter tuff spot. I liked playing with the characters" Grayson

"We made snowmen biscuits and had to put a head on him. We used marshmallows." Mason

Winter week

Spring 2020 Curriculum coverage Foundation Stage

Spring 2020 Curriculum coverage Year 1

Did you see a porridge thief?

Still image for this video

Mary the hen

What a fantastic way to start our new book. Today we had two very special visitors join us at school. Liz from Farm Link came to see us and brought Mary the hen. We listened to the story of the Little Red Hen and then we were able to explore some corn. Did you know that they were called ears of corn. We found that really funny. We were able to feel the corn and then we were able to grind the corn to make flour. We also got to feed Mary some bread and some corn. She loved the corn. We are going to use this experience to start our work on instructions. We are even hoping to make our own bread, but hopefully everyone will help, not like the characters in the story!

Autumn term curriculum plan for parents

Welcome to Ladybird Class 2019

We would like to welcome the new Reception children and their families to our class. The children have settled in brilliantly and we are lucky to have such amazing role models with our Year 1 children. We are holding our Parent Information evening on Thursday 19th September 2019 at 5.15pm in Ladybird Class. We are looking forward to seeing you and talking about some of the lovely things that the children will be doing in Ladybird Class.



The children had an amazing time during STEM week. We were really lucky and had lots of visitors. We had Bill Haley who talked about Engineering and judged our structure competition, Sanders who donated lots of plants and compost and the children had a fabulous time painting plant pots and planting sunflower seeds, teachers from Kings of Wessex school came and did some 'explosive' experiments with the class and Jo Richardson came and talked to the children about the earth's atmosphere and we even did some chromatography! That doesn't even include all the different activities that we did in our classes and around the school! It was such a busy week, but we had so much fun and learnt so many wonderful things.

A lovely warm welcome back. We are looking forward to the Summer Term. This term, we have some amazing activities planned in the classroom as part of our topic 'Digging it', as well as STEM week and our activity week. The children will also have the opportunity to go swimming this term. A big thank you to all the adults that have already volunteered to help. We will also be beginning to meet some of our new children and their families that are due to start in September. Our current children are looking forward to meeting them, and as always, will be amazing role models.

We have attached a curriculum guidance sheet so that you can see what the children will be covering. We always look forward to having lots of visitors in our class, so if you would like to hear some readers, are able to help out at swimming or are happy to help with aspects of our topic, then please come and see us for a chat and we can talk you through the DBS process which will enable you to come and help us. The children love having visitors and adult support!

Summer Term 2019 Curriculum Guidance for Yr 1 Ladybird

Summer Term 2019 Curriculum guidance for Reception children

Spring term 2019 Curriculum Guidance for Y1 Ladybirds

Spring term 2019 Curriculum Guidance for Ladybirds Reception children

Design and Technology - Super hero vehicles and capes
Forest School October 2018
September 2018
A lovely warm welcome to our new children and their families and it's lovely to see all the children that we have taught before and their families. We hope that you have all had amazing summers. Ladybird staff have been busy planning some amazing activities for the children to do and we have created a curriculum guidance plan so that you can see some of the things that we will be doing as well. This year we have included ideas about how you can support your child at home. We will go into this in more detail at our Parent information evening on the 27th September at 5.30. In the meantime, if you have any questions, then please feel free to pop in and see us.

Curriculum Guidance Autumn 1

July 2018
We have been learning about the Royal Wedding. We found out what happens at a wedding and we learnt about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. We were very excited. In fact, we were so excited that we held our very own wedding. We had a bride and groom, vicar, best man and a bridesmaid. We even had our own on site photographers! We helped the bride to get ready to walk down our 'aisle'. We had our own sweet rings to exchange and one of the children even said their very own wedding prayer. We then went into our school grounds and had our photographs taken and then we finished it with our very own party and cutting the cake. We even got to take a piece of cake home. It was a fabulous afternoon.

Welcome to Class 1 - Ladybirds!



Our topic for the spring term is SOW & GROW

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Ladybird Class. We have linked our learning to our Christmas activities. We are learning to write letters, so we are writing letters to Santa.

The Reception children have settled in beautifully this term and we are making lots of new friends.

The Year One children have begun their topic work. Have a look at our curriculum overview to find out what they will be learning about.

This term we have been learning about food in our 'Food Glorious Food' topic. We had lots of fun making things to eat and drink. We made some smoothies and some jam sandwiches. The children learnt how to follow and write instructions.


The children listened to the story of Handa's surprise. We explored the different fruits that were in the story, we retold the story and made up our own stories based on Handa's surprise.


We explored farming in this country and we looked at how people farm in Africa. We even planted our own vegetables in our outside garden. We can't wait to see what grows.

In Ladybird Class we have been learning about 'As cold as ice'. The children have been exploring ice. We looked at it and felt it. We drew pictures of it and we even tried to free some of the toys that were stuck in it! The  Foundation Stage children had great fun using warm water to try and free the ice. We even put paint on it. Jessica noticed that the paint was warmer than the ice and it was making the ice melt.


We have been learning about the story 'Lost and found'. The story is about a little penguin who is lost. The children have helped to create a story map and we can now tell the story using actions. The year one children have created their own version of the story. They have made puppets and have told their new version to the Foundation Stage children.


We have all painted pictures of penguins for our role play area. We are now going to learn some facts about penguins.