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Class 2 - Bumblebees

Hi everyone. Thank you for your understanding during the last couple of days. It has been a very unsettling time for everyone. We have put together some ideas and activities that the children can do at home. We will certainly miss seeing all their smiling faces every day. Please take care of each other and keep well.

Bumblebee Class home learning

Sowing and growing Spring term

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas 1

The porridge thief

Still image for this video
Today we found CCTV footage of someone that has not been named trying to enter the school. They successfully got into the shared area between Ladybirds and Bumblebees where they were seen eating porridge and trying out chairs. She was discovered sleeping soundly having left quite a mess!!!

Little red hen workshop

Once upon a time topic overview

We are learning the story of The three little pigs

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Our first week in Bumblebees

The Queen's party

We have been reading the book The egg box dragon. We wrote party invitations inviting people to the Queen's party. We invented games such as pin the tail on the unicorn and put the crown on the queen. We had our own party to celebrate the egg box dragon finding the queen's jewels. 

The egg box dragon

The egg box dragon 1

Curriculum Overview Summer 1 2019

Planting in Bumblebee's

Planting in Bumblebee's 1

Day 14

We have been watching and waiting for the chick's to arrive. It is hard to imagine what is happening inside the egg. This video shows just how amazing mother nature really is!

Chicken Embryo Development

Animation of the 21 day development of a chicken embryo in the egg. Created by AXS Biomedical Animation Studio Inc. Music by Zach Kellum © 2013 Poultry CRC Ltd

Day 3 We can't wait to welcome the chicks

Day 3 We can't wait to welcome the chicks 1

Day 2. By the end of today their heart will start beating

Day 2. By the end of today their heart will start beating 1

Chick eggs have arrived

Chick eggs have arrived 1
Spring 1 2019 
Bumblebee's diary
All of the children in Bumblebee class took Paddington home and they took him on a journey. They had written about their experience in our class diary. If you have time, please pop in class to take a look at their photos and diary writing. A fantastic effort from all of our children. Well done!
Picture 1 Paddington ready in his suitcase.
Picture 2 Please look after this bear.
Book corner
Picture 1
In Bumblebee class, we have been busy changing our book corner to link to our topic "Are we nearly there yet?" The children love their Paddington Bear role play suitcase and they have all been discussing the different transport incorporated within the display.

Paddington by Michael Bond.

Paddington by Michael Bond. 1
The children have been exploring the book Paddington by Michael Bond. They have written a non-chronological report about bears, explored how to make a marmalade sandwich and taken Paddington Bear on a journey by writing in our class diary! 

Spring term 2019 curriculum guidance Bumblebees class

Christmas reading

Christmas reading 1

Instant Christmas

Great Fire of London Art
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 1

Welcome to Bumblebee class

Welcome to Bumblebee class 1 We love East Brent school too.

Carrymoor recycling visit

The day a lamb came to school!

Thursday 15th March we had a two week old lamb come to visit us. We were all able to touch and feed the lamb. We were asking lots of interesting questions about how to look after a lamb. Miss Coles needs to feed the lamb four times a day. Did you know that sheep eat cake? Their least favourite food is grass!!

To celebrate World Book day we all came to school dressed as a character from our favorite book.

World Book Day

As part of our topic on Sowing and Growing, we explored the work of Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials to create beautiful art works. We have made our own works of art using the items we found in the school grounds and then started to think carefully about pattern and shape. Here are some of our designs. We think the children did a fantastic job and we had a great time being artists!

Our Art gallery

Our Art gallery 1
Our Art gallery 2
Our Art gallery 3
Our Art gallery 4
Our Art gallery 5
Our Art gallery 6

Oliver's dad came to visit us.

Oliver's dad came to visit us. 1 Oliver's dad talked to us about recycling.
Oliver's dad came to visit us. 2 We are now Bumblebee recycling.
Oliver's dad came to visit us. 3 We sorted objects by materials they were made from
Oliver's dad came to visit us. 4
Oliver's dad came to visit us. 5 Don't we look the part!

Children in Need

Children in Need 1
As part of our English writing Instructions we had a go at making jam sandwiches. The children all enjoyed making them especially eating them!


On Tuesday 26th September we went to Keirles Farm in Thurloxton to learn about where our food comes from. We learnt all about the different animals that live on the farm. The farmer showed us the wheat that is grown on the farm and the huge machines that are used to harvest the wheat to make in to lots of different foods that many of us eat every day. What a great trip we had.

A taste of harvest

A taste of harvest 1

Mrs Pig came to visit

Mrs Pig came to visit 1

Have you seen Mr Wolf?

Have you seen Mr Wolf? 1

Welcome to Class 2 - Bumblebees!


The Tudors

In Bumblebee Class this term, we have started to explore our new topic 'The Tudors'. As a whole class, the children have enjoyed and made their own class coat of arms. The children discussed and debated which colours and symbols to put on the class shield. Once all the children’s votes were calculated, their final design was:

Bumblebee's coat of arms

Bumblebee's coat of arms 1

The colour green represents joy and hope.

The colour gold represents generosity.

The bumblebees represent our class name.

The heart represents charity and love towards others.

The cross represents faith in God.

All the children are proud of their class coat of arms and our next task is to complete individual designs.

Curriculum overview
Extreme Earth

Our topic this term is Extreme Earth. We have been learning all about different types of weather. We have been making 3D tornadoes. So far this term we have written Haiku poems about winter. As part of our introduction to our English text ‘The birth of a rainbow’, we have been learning how different colours are made by using just three primary colours. We have been trying to make the sounds of different weather using a variety of musical instruments.

Picture 1