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Bumblebee class Spring term overview 2024

Bumblebee class Autumn term overview

Children in Need 2023

Poppy Wreaths

Bumblebee class had a great discussion about why we have Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday. We talked about why poppies are the symbol of remembrance and what the different colours represent. The children then made a poppy for themselves and wreaths for the classroom.

STEM Week 2023

Stained Glass Windows

Our stained glass windows look beautiful when the sun shines through the classroom windows.

Stencil Art

Autumn Term Overview Bumblebee class

Summer Term Overview

Internet Safety Day - 7th February 2023

This year's theme is 'do you want to talk about it?' The children will have the opportunity to explore different ways to safe whilst using the internet. We will also be encouarging the children to talk about anything that they are concerned about on the internet.

William's family found a nest that had been in a tree near their home. We were all able to look carefully at what the nest was made from. It was amazing and we thought how clever the birds were to have made such a strong nest for their young.

William found a nest

To start our new book this term there was a crash landing in Bumblebees!!!

We weren't sure what happened but set off to look for clues. We found a trail of very strange footprints the led out to the Ladybird outdoor classroom. We thought we hear noises coming from inside one of the cupboards. But what or who was it?

We used this to make predictions in our writing and enjoyed a chocolate drop full stop day in our writing.


Crash landing

Are we nearly there yet?