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School Council

We have all taken part in electing our School council. We listened to each of the manifestos and decided who we would like to represent us. We talked about our British Value of Democracy. We voted for 2 people from each year to represent us for this year. The results will be announced on Friday in Celebration assembly and the school council representatives will be presented with their school council badges.

The votes are in!

The votes are in! 1
The votes are in! 2

School council 2016-2017


Tilly Year 4

Ryan Year 4

Izzy M Year 3

Taylor Year 3

Ethan Year 2

Tilly G Year 2

Seren Year 1

George Year 1


The school council was elected in September 2016. Following the children’s manifestos each year group voted for who they want to represent their year group.

Mrs Robertson informed school council they would have a budget of £100 to spend for this year.

After the elections had taken place the school was formed. The whole school was involved in putting forward their ideas to the school council about what they would like to see in our school.


Minutes from meetings