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Class 1 - Ladybirds

We have been learning about the Royal Wedding. We found out what happens at a wedding and we learnt about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. We were very excited. In fact, we were so excited that we held our very own wedding. We had a bride and groom, vicar, best man and a bridesmaid. We even had our own on site photographers! We helped the bride to get ready to walk down our 'aisle'. We had our own sweet rings to exchange and one of the children even said their very own wedding prayer. We then went into our school grounds and had our photographs taken and then we finished it with our very own party and cutting the cake. We even got to take a piece of cake home. It was a fabulous afternoon.

Welcome to Class 1 - Ladybirds!



Our topic for the spring term is SOW & GROW

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Ladybird Class. We have linked our learning to our Christmas activities. We are learning to write letters, so we are writing letters to Santa.
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The Reception children have settled in beautifully this term and we are making lots of new friends.

The Year One children have begun their topic work. Have a look at our curriculum overview to find out what they will be learning about.

This term we have been learning about food in our 'Food Glorious Food' topic. We had lots of fun making things to eat and drink. We made some smoothies and some jam sandwiches. The children learnt how to follow and write instructions.


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The children listened to the story of Handa's surprise. We explored the different fruits that were in the story, we retold the story and made up our own stories based on Handa's surprise.


We explored farming in this country and we looked at how people farm in Africa. We even planted our own vegetables in our outside garden. We can't wait to see what grows.

In Ladybird Class we have been learning about 'As cold as ice'. The children have been exploring ice. We looked at it and felt it. We drew pictures of it and we even tried to free some of the toys that were stuck in it! The  Foundation Stage children had great fun using warm water to try and free the ice. We even put paint on it. Jessica noticed that the paint was warmer than the ice and it was making the ice melt.


We have been learning about the story 'Lost and found'. The story is about a little penguin who is lost. The children have helped to create a story map and we can now tell the story using actions. The year one children have created their own version of the story. They have made puppets and have told their new version to the Foundation Stage children.


We have all painted pictures of penguins for our role play area. We are now going to learn some facts about penguins.

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